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About Us

Small Enough To Care, Big Enough To Deliver.

Our Vision

Since our foundation, our goal has been to use technology to create wonderful experiences for every business. We offer clients high-quality, cost-effective tech and creative services.

Our Mission

There is no "us" without "you." The success of any company is determined by the people it serves. We strive to build genuine relationships with those we serve.


Years Of Experience
Peter, Obafemi.
Our Solutions

Our Services

Tech Services Offered

Web Development

We offer a standard, responsive website for our clients according to their needs.

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App Development

We offer functional mobile apps for Android and iOS to help your business grow more online.

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Business Emails

We provide professional business emails to our clients that is connected to their personal domain.

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Domains + Web Hosting

We offer domains and web hosting for clients and every business.

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Content Writing

We offer professional content-writing services to our clients and various businesses.

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We offer UI/UX designs that helps your business more accessable and engaging online.

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Business Consulting

We provide consultation to assist you in developing a successful business brand.

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Maintenance Services

We offer maintenance services for online works like websites and apps.

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Creative Services Offered

Logo + Graphics Design

We offer logo and graphic design services to help boost your business's brand identity.

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Business Branding

We offer full branding to your business like printing, banners, ID Cards, posters, stickers, frames, flyers, cups, calendar, e.t.c.

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We offer personal and product photography sessions for clients and businesses to improve their brands.

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Music Editing + Voice Over

We offer sound editing and voice over to help you create ads content for your business.

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Western Pee Ltd


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Our Work Flow

We Plan

Our company demonstrates strategic planning by applying comprehensive analysis to fix challenges at every stage.

We Design

Our company's design pathway is to analyze. We enjoy creating something unique for businesses while keeping their target audience in mind.

We Build

We have a team of skilled programmers who work with competence to create standard projects using latest practises and advanced technologies.

We Deliver

Our company believes in dedication, we treat each project as a priority and strive to deliver it to clients within the time frame specified.

Why Choose Us ?

We Are Ready To Plug The World

Our company makes planning ahead visible, applying comprehensive analysis to challenge issues at every given stage. We treat every project as a priority and focus on delivering it to clients within the given time frame. "Everyone hates disappointment, and yes, we do too!"

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We design good business strategies and offer effective tactics; we approach every business differently and focus on their needs and target audience.


Monitoring and execution are the key aspects of your business for getting the best results. It is the main role of project implementation.


We deliver the best results to our customers according to their needs, keeping time in mind. We work and provide standard results within a short period of time.

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Your Best Solution For Top Quality Projects

Plug your business to the world with our team of skilled creative professionals.

Small Enough To Care, Big Enough To Deliver.

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+234 808 415 6873
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